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Titles: Cooking
Fandom: Arthurian legends
Pairing and characters: Gareth/Lynette, Gareth, Lynette
Summary: for the prompt Gareth/Lynette (Arthuriana) - preparing dinner, for gabbiebii
You can read it also on livejournal.

“I am not used to-” she pauses and wrinkles her nose “-to cook. We have servants, you know.”

“As a matter of fact, I know. We had servants too. But it’s different when you eat something that you helped to prepare,” explains Gareth. He is smiling. He can’t stop smiling even now that he is basically dismembering a rabbit they managed to catch. Lynette is looking at him with curious glances, she doesn’t seem as disgusted as Gareth feared. She could be a tough woman but she had still lived in a castle, as a noble. Having dinner in a luxurious castle is very different from camping in a forest some miles away from any kind of castle.

“If you had listened at me we would be at Camelot, now,” she reminds him, but she is still not disgusted. Or irritated (and Gareth knows how easily Lynette gets irritated). “You are very dedicated to that rabbit.”

“It’s the idea of us eating it I am dedicated to. But, really, I liked working in the kitchens.”

“Really? You are a nice knight. Not the best, but,” she lets out a dramatic sigh, “you are quite decent.”

“But I can cook.”

“That you can do. Do you need some grass to, I don’t know, spice that rabbit?”

Gareth laughs. “Grass? No, thank you for your kind offer, dear wife, but we’ll do without grass. Didn’t you mean erbs? spices?”

“Less talking, more cooking. You are starving your wife.”
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