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Title: Domestic life
Rating: PG
Pairings or characters: Scott Lang, Jonathan Hart (Jack of Hearts), Scott/Jack
Warnings:  m/m slash
Plot: Written for the prompt Scott Lang/Jonathan Hart (Marvel) - load dishwasher, for derschlange. No beta reader.
You can read it also here on livejournal.

They take turns, usually. It’s not easy with the fact that they actually have to live with all the other Avengers, but they still manage to have some sort of ‘couple life’ as Cassie calls it. (Cassie is pretty happy of Jack. He really adores him.)

So they usually take turns. Jarvis is not always able to cook for all of them and clean everything, so Jack and Scott just decided to take care of their own life.

It’s just like having a little parallel domestic life in a bigger mansion full of superheroes. And, a part from Tony Stark who still adores to joke about them, the other guys give them enough privacy.

So they take turns for the cooking and the cleaning (luckily Jarvis bought a dishwasher because they both hate to do the dishes). This time is Scott’s turn to cook and Jack’s turn to load the dishwasher.

“Am I late?” asks Scott Lang as soon as he enters in the kitchen. He isn’t late, usually, but he had take Cassie and her dog to the vet because her mother was at work. And Scott was more than happy to spend with his daughter those little stolen moments. “I was with Cassie.”

“It’s okay,” answers Jack.

“You are getting better in keeping yourself far away from your irritate moods.”

“And irritating, I believe.” Jack is in a foul mood but he is mostly always in a foul mood, it’s nothing surprising.

The good thing, as Tony often tell them, is that now they do something else instead of fighting each other and bickering like an old couple (well, they still bicker a lot, and yes, Tony uses other words, more explicits words, to describe the ‘something else’ they do now).

Scott starts to get some eggs out of the fridge when he notices that there is some salad and pasta on the table. “It was my turn to cook.”

“But I am better at it. You can load the dishwasher.”

Scott looks at Jack who gets up from the sofa and sits down at the table.

“You could have done your things, wathever, the things you do when you are alone,” he tells him, realizing that he has no idea about what Jack does when they are not together (a part from the Avengers part) and probably it’s because there is not so much time to spend on extra activities.

“I stopped and arrested Whirlwind today. Twice. In the same day. So I decided to call it a day and cook something.”

“I know- but it was my turn.”

“It was getting late. And I like eating with you.”

Jack is not looking at him and Scott can sense that he is on the edge of starting a fight about time and getting late and promises and self pity.

“Ok. I am sorry, I was with Cassie. How much time-“

“Fourtyfive minutes, so shut up, sit and eat,” answers Jack, but he is not eating, he keeps watching the clock and his own watch.

The wristwatch not only gives him the hour but is always updated on a countdown. Scott hates that wristwatch. It always startles him when it starts beeping when it reaches the time.

Scott feels a little guiltier. Fortyfive minutes and then Jack will be another half a day alone in the Zero Room, angsting over himself and trying not to pass out while one of Tony Stark’s machines manages to get the energy out of him.

He is eating now but Scott knows he is not hungry, he never is when the time is so close to the Zero Room, but Scott knows that Jack likes eating with him. It gives them a glimpse of a simple normal life.

They eat quickly (mostly because Jack always eats quickly like he does everything else). When they are finished Scott knows it took them fifteen minutes.

“Thirty,” supplies Jack.

“I know. Come, help me load the dishwasher.”

“It’s your turn. I cooked.” Jack complains but he gets up anyway and he starts passing him plates and glasses.

If Tony Stark could see them now- spending those last half an hour to do something that Jarvis was paid to do. But this is the right thing.

I cook and eat with you and we load together the dishwasher and the washing machine (and we watch movies at the cinema) is Scott’s way to say Okay, you are crazy, you spend half a day in a container and the other half chasing criminals and trying not to explode and kill the all town. But you are my favourite half alien boyfriend. Sort of. Partner. Because maybe having a daughter and an ex-wife makes you mature enough to call your boyfriend a partner.

“When you get out we can go to the cinema,” starts Scott, while putting the two glasses in the dishwasher. “And take a shower. Together.”

“Or we will chase Zemo. Or Loki. Who knows. But then- you know- the shower thing. It’s okay.”

“I hope it’s Zemo.”

“And then the shower thing?”