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I hate the fact that Tony has multiple phds. It makes no sense to me. Having a PhD, completing a PhD gives you a title and a base of continue your research in that field.
Technically it wouldn’t be so strange, in my opinion, to gave two phds in different fields (let’s say for Tony stark math and engineering) but still, Tony has money, and he’s supposed to be a super genius so I can’t truly see the need to have more than one PhD to get the title he needs to continue research. Doing a PhD means being under the employment /responsibility of a university /institution, having its resources, following steps given by the institution, focusing on one matter and having supervisors, often it also means being paid by it.

In my opinion Tony would get a PhD when young (if he graduated at 17 he can get his PhD in two years in something theoretical) and then another PhD before his father dies, because let’s say Howard didn’t supported him and Tony was smart enough and curious enough to want to try something different. But then he could simply research whatever he wanted with his own money and his own steps and pace.

Honestly, if someone came to me and told me he had seven phds I would think they need to step up and work on their career advancement and grow up.
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Some gifts for Ivanna :D

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This is a mag7 gif for Deannie. Ops. This sort of sucks, I can't write in American English to save my life so I decided to manip! (two versions of the pic)

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First thing: I have been reading Mag7 fics for a couple of years around the 2010, so I basically came into the fandom very late. Occasionaly a go back to the Mag7 fandom to read some fics and reread my favourite ones so there is the certainty that I have surely forgot to add some story to this list or that I missed many stories that I have never read.
And of course, this list is based on my own perception of positive relationship/interactions and it may not be shared by everyone. Plus I am an Ezra fan and a hurt/comfort fan so many of the stories I've read and added will have those two elements.
For this reason every comment and recommendation is gladly accepted! Feel free to suggest any fics about Ezra and/or Nathan where you can see a positive relationship (an evolving positive friendship starting from a rocky start or them as BFFs or anything else) between them!

THE CURE (J. Brooks)
This is an excellent story which has a real 'episode' feeling. Every character has a part but I think we can say that the focus is mainly on Ezra and Nathan and they have a relationship of friendship and trust. The story is about a conman selling fake medicines in Four Corners, a piece of Ezra's past, some insicurities of Nathan and his role in the town.

Ezra thinks of Nathan and his ability to lie to keep secret their relationship. Very short and amazing at the same time. Slash.

This story. This story is what I have never tought I would want. Delphi writes perfectly and I love how she writes Nathan, especially, and Ezra. This is a post tv show story where Nathan and Ezra have known each others for almost twenty years. I won't spoil you much but this is the plot "Following a mutual loss, Nathan tracks down a missing Ezra to New Orleans. Against the backdrop of Mardi Gras revelry, the two men reflect on their histories with the city and on whether their relationship has a hope of surviving into the future." The story has Josiah/Nathan and Josiah/Nathan/Ezra in it (in flashbacks) but the main focus is the relationship between Nathan and Ezra. Slash.

This is the hottest Nathan/Ezra story I have ever read, mark my words, subtle feelings coming out from gestures and it warmed my heart. Slash.

Nathan gest mildly hurt and Ezra offers to take care of the wound for him. UST everyone. Also slash undertones.

An amazing and long Nathan centric story, told mostly in Nathan's POV and where he gets along with his six friends (Ezra too) but has to face troubles and racism from other citizens of Four Corners. It has some really great insight moments for Nathan both in relation to his past before the war and for his need to help the people around him and save them and some amazing plots were basically the town turn against the seven (because of what happened with Nathan in the story and with JD in the episode when he killed Annie).
And I particularly loved this sentence where Ezra explains to himself his relationship with Nathan: "Nathan was his morale gyroscope. Whenever there was a question of ethics, Ezra could always count on Nathan to answer it." The only negative note is that a little side plot is left open or maybe I need to reread and I didn't understand that part!
This story is a sort of kid AU where Ezra is a kid and he escapes with Nathan who is like an older brother to him. They later meet Buck, Vin and Chris. There is some hurt/comfort and sick!Ezra and Nathan being an amazing protective older brother.

Lovely story post-Serpents with a lot of interactions between Nathan and Ezra (discussions about the money and Nathan being quite worried about Ezra), some scenes about Buck and his decision to marry, some Ezra/Inez hints and overall a quite satisfactory post Serpents story, in my opinion, with an unexpected twist at the end!
This story is all Ezra centric with a lot of Nathan. Some misunderstanding. Nathan jumping to conclusions- I know what you are thinking, but here no one gets hurt, Nathan is a little haste in his conclusions but he has reasons and it may be IC in the early development of Nathan and Ezra's friendship. Also, no Ezra martyr because here is quite irritated at being misunderstood.
This is a hurt/comfort hurt!Ezra story with a lot of Nathan. Nathan appears a bit hostile at the beginning but his reasons are explained and his character is not bashed. I really liked the backstory for Nathan's knowledge of mines and his feelings.
Hurt!Ezra story where Ezra is gravelly wounded defending a village and Nathan, Vin, JD and Bucky take care of him (and later Josiah and Chris arrive too). There are some good Nathan moments with some self doubt Nathan and some Nathan&Ezra moments. It is also very well written with very IC characters.

A Nathan centric story narrated in first person. Nathan helps a family, bamf Nathan using his knives to save Ezra and himself, some doubts that Ezra would take a bullet for him even if they get along and Ezra does just that. Some mentions of racism and you will want to hug and protect Nathan forever by the end of this story.

Nathan meets a not-quite-drunk-but-going-there Ezra the last night of the year and Ezra voices to him some of his own insecurities.

Nathan centric and Ezra centric story, post the episode "The Trial". Some hurt!Ezra and Nathan has to take some difficult decisions. It focuses on Nathan's past, the adventures, the hurt/comfort and the relationship between Nathan and Ezra.
There is also a sequel (more Ezra centric):
Preslash, Nathan looks at Ezra.

An absolutely delicious story where the seven minus Nathan realizes that Nathan basically never get paid for his work as a healer and that supplies and medical stuff if costly so they decide to give him gifts.

A Nathan centric pre-series fic. I really wish it was longer and there were more stories exploring Nathan's ability to throw knives and how he chose to become a healer. Sorry no Ezra here, but there is some Josiah. Read the warnings at the beginning of the story.

I think the title says it all. This is a Nathan centric story with a lot of Ezra, where Nathan reacts to the funeral of his own father. There are different POVs. I find it a little unrealistic that Ezra spent so much time taking care of Nathan's father but it is a nice bittersweet short story.

Hurt!Ezra in an incident at the beginning of the story, Nathan works with another doctor to save him in the rest of the story. Super happyending.

Hot Nathan/Ezra story. (at Adult Blackraptor)
A rare kid/teen!Nathan where the other help him start a new life in Four Corners. It's a AUish story but still placed in Four Corners and in Old times. Young Nathan is still a healer and there is also the remade little scene of Ezra's dislocated shoulder.

This is my favourite Meg's story. Nathan is the main character with a lot of Ezra and the rest of the seven. In the story Nathan finds again his three sisters and they come to town. These new characters feel very real and I would pay to watch an episode with just this plot and these new characters. There is also some talking about Ezra's racism (between Ezra and Rachel, one of Nathan's sisters) and there are no hard feelings between Nathan and Ezra. Plus adventures!

suggested by 487carrie JUST ADDED
In this story there is some mistrust between Ezra and Nathan, maybe Nathan's level of mistrust is a bit too high but knowing what happened in "Serpents" it may be understandable. There is adventure and missing diamonds, some hurt!Ezra and Nathan and Ezra saving each others and by the end of the story they are closer than the beginning.

Mirrors kink and Nathan/Ezra sexyness.

Short delicious ATF Nathan/Ezra slash story.

Short slash story. To forget the pain Nathan drinks a little too much and Ezra helps him to return home.

This is an ATF au in three parts. The first part is about Ezra and Buck undercover and being discovered and tortured (there are some graphic parts) while the others work to save them. The other two parts are about their recovery. It is Ezra centric and in the last part Nathan is the one who works with Ezra the most to help him. There is even some little Rain appearance, a rare and appreciated thing!
She writes some great, adventurous stories, often with delicious hurt/comfort and often Ezra-centric but she also wrote a Nathan centric story. Anyway the relationship between Ezra and Nathan is positive most of the times (I'll try to add a list of stories for every author).
JoJo writes amazing Chris/Ezra and Gen stories where the character are always in character. In particular the Strange Bedfellow series has an amazing Nathan & Ezra debating with hurt/comfort for Ezra. In some of her other stories Nathan is usually the one getting along better with Ezra.
Graculus' writes wonderful Mag7 stories with a lot of precious and rare Nathan/Ezra slash fanfictions. Her stories are really a must for every Nathan&Ezra fan.

Three preslash Nathan/Ezra old west stories.

A GHOST STORY (quietcontrary) suggested by 487carrie JUST ADDED
This is a short story about Nathan trying to defend a Native American burial site from treasure hunters and Ezra doing the unexpected.

suggested by 487carrie JUST ADDED
This story is a part of a 7 brothers modern AU (7 B ranch) but I think it can be easily read as a standalone (I have yet to read the rest of the series). There is a lot of Nathan and Ezra but everyone makes an appearance. Ezra is a kid/teen.

suggested by 487carrie JUST ADDED
A wounded Nathan and Ezra are left alone in the middle of nothing. Ezra has to take care of Nathan and the others have to look for them.
lucre_noin: Arthurian death (08)
Titles: Parallels (1/2)
Fandom: Chess the musical
Pairing and characters:
everyone, Anatoly/Freddie
child abuse
Parallels in the lives of Anatoly and Freddie Trumper.
You can read it also on tumblr part 1

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lucre_noin: arthurian/mordred obsessive fangirl (07)
Titles: Cooking
Fandom: Arthurian legends
Pairing and characters: Gareth/Lynette, Gareth, Lynette
Summary: for the prompt Gareth/Lynette (Arthuriana) - preparing dinner, for gabbiebii
You can read it also on livejournal.

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lucre_noin: Arthurian death (08)
Titles: The war is over
Author: me (link)/(link)
Beta Reader: ShadowShini, the wonderful founder of Marcus/Oliver DA
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Oliver Wood/Marcus Flint
Warnings: Mentions of non descriptive torture and non-con; angsty; post-War
Summary: The war is over and sadness is still with us.
You can read it also on livejournal.

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lucre_noin: Wolves at our doors (04)
Title: Domestic life
Rating: PG
Pairings or characters: Scott Lang, Jonathan Hart (Jack of Hearts), Scott/Jack
Warnings:  m/m slash
Plot: Written for the prompt Scott Lang/Jonathan Hart (Marvel) - load dishwasher, for derschlange. No beta reader.
You can read it also here on livejournal.

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Title: The first time
Beta reader: [info]heyaeroplane
Rating: PG
Pairings or characters: Kai and Bedivere (and Lancelot, just because). Kai/Bedivere
Warnings:  m/m slash
Plot: The first time Bedivere sees Kai he falls in love with him.
You can find it alsoon livejournal and fictionpress.

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lucre_noin: Morgan le Fay from Camelot starz (14)
Title: Gossip Ladies 
Beta reader:[info]osmandias
Rating: PG
Pairings or characters: Guinevere, Lynette, Guinevak, Kay, Arthur. - hints of Kay/Bedivere
Warnings: mention of m/m slash
Plot: Guinevak and Lynette are bored and they decide to go bethering some innocent knight.
You can also find this story on livejournal and fictionpress.

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Title: Things that go meow in the knight
Arthurian legends
Pairing: Galahad/Mordred
Rating: PG13
Warnings: slash, cliché, magic and grammatical mistakes
NO BETA READER. I am so sorry for all the mistakes you'll find.
Mordred gets turned into a kitten. Galahad is kind. Morgana has a lot of fun.
You can also find this story on tumblr + ILLUSTRATION.

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Title: Arthur's debts
Beta reader:osmandias
Rating: PG
Pairings or characters: Arthur, Mordred, Amr and Loholt. No pairings.
Warnings: none
Plot: Arthur often forgets about his children but they never forgot him.

You can also find this story on livejournal and fictionpress.

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